I’ve always been interested in wine but in 2006, following several trips to France, I took a real interest in wine and decided to learn more about Bordeaux wine in particular. I thought I’d like to work with wine, so I took the level 3 course at the WSET (The Wine, Spirit and Education Trust). I thought I knew a lot. I could not have been more wrong. What I didn’t realise is that you never stop learning about wine, and that’s part of its magical allure. The more you learn, the more there is there to learn. I went on to study for the Wine Diploma at the WSET and got a job at the wine museum Vinopolis. Over my ten years there I conducted countless wine, whisky, sparkling wine and Champagne master classes, as well as many matching wine and chocolate and wine and cheese sessions for both private and corporate events. At the same time I wrote about wine for two Russian newspapers published in London. In 2014, I founded the Pushkin House Wine Club at the Russian cultural centre in Holborn, Pushkin House, and have held many tastings there on a variety of themes. Since 2016, I have also conducted several themed wine tastings at the Royal Academy of Art and at the Tate Gallery. I’ve been a visiting lecturer at Westminster University for 20 years and am currently doing research for a book about Russia and the Wine World.


Wine Confidante was created to meet the demands of the ever increasing and diversifying interest in wine. For many groups of the population it’s no longer enough to have just any wine tasting. Many of us want to know what was drunk five generations ago and why. What is the co-relation, if any, between wine and art? Where does wine fit into our history? 

And yet, wine tasting is not only about wine and connecting it with a culture, people and history. You can also witness the joy of discovery, watch new friendships developing, even romance. Recently, I learned that two people came to a tasting on their first date, got married two years later and are now both working in the wine industry. 

In 2014, a wine club was created at the Russian Cultural Centre, Pushkin House, to introduce a new style of tasting: wine tasting with a theme. As interesting as they are, simply Australian, French or even Italian and Spanish wine tastings are sometimes so déjà vu. This has proved to be successful because wine does not exist without history, people, their lives and traditions. Four tastings with a theme were conducted at the Royal Academy of Arts in 2017 with the tickets sold out in advance. The same happened at the Tate Gallery in November of that year. We recommend our clients try our themed tastings. In the end it’s all about intelligent drinking.





Our tastings are tailored to your individual/group interests and preferences. They can be arranged as traditional tastings around the table, or “walk round” tastings. They can be attached or devoted to a certain subject or theme, a particular wine region, style or country. They can be designed as private or corporate events, as a team building exercise or as a networking event, as a mystery birthday celebration, wining and dining event, or as a super-premium or tailor-made wine event. Usually, there will be a wine/spirit quiz at the end with a winner going home with a bottle of wine, unless you specify otherwise. 

Our tastings represent superb value for money with prices starting at £15 per head for a basic event, providing a minimum number of people apply.


Wine Tasting Subjects and Themes

Personalised theme

There are many occasions in our lives or in the lives of our loved ones which we want to celebrate and to drink to. There are many points in art, history and culture we would like to know more about and to toast to. You can book a personalised theme tasting with accompanying talk and wines to taste that are relevant to your chosen theme. Personalised themed tastings should be ordered in advance to allow for the research and preparation.

History, Culture, Literature, Art, Cinematography, Historic or Cultural Anniversaries are available for corporate, group or private events

Examples oF event themes

1. BRITAIN, 13 COLONIES AND WINE – Britain’s interest in its own wine production is well documented; history, facts, the wine regions influenced by England/Britain since 12th Century – with 6-7 wines to taste 

2. WHERE FINE ART MEETS FINE WINE – wine producers with art collections – with 6-7 wines to taste from wineries across the world with galleries/collections of fine art (history, traditions, wine vs art) 

3. WOMEN IN WINE - With wines to taste: by women from the New World and the Old World who succeeded in the wine world and revolutionised it.
o About women in wine, history and law/legal rights'
o Also devoted to 100 years of Women’s Voting Rights in Britain

4. THAT ELUSIVE PINOT NOIR - This booking can be done as: 
o The Sideways effect – with wines similar to those drunk in the film
o Pinot Noir from the regions popular for Pinot Noir
o Premium vs Regular Pinot Noir Styles

5. WHERE IT ALL BEGAN – The tasting of wines from the regions where wine originated – Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Lebanon, Greece - and indigenous grape varieties



Wine And Spirit- Traditional Tastings For Groups Or Private party Events

o Wine and Food, Cheese or Chocolate Pairing 

o Wine Challenges And Quizzes 

o Surprise Birthday Celebrations 

o Wine And Dine Events 

o Compare and Contrast Wine Tasting 

o Vodka/Gin Tasting or Vodka and Food/Cheese/Chocolate Pairing


Corporate & Private HIRE Wine And Spirits Events

o Team Building and Networking Wine Event options

o Wine and Food, Cheese or Chocolate Pairing 

o Wine Challenges And Quizzes 

o Wine And Dine Events 

o Compare and Contrast Wine Tasting 

o Vodka/Gin Tasting or Vodka and Food/Cheese/Chocolate Pairing


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