Intelligent drinking

What is it? Self-respect, respect for others, knowledge and appreciation? Can wine create or is it art form in its own right? Was Leonardo Da Vinci drinking Chianti, which was white at the time, when he painted Mona Lisa? In Persia in the 11th century, wine parties were popular in the houses of great men, where song and music, “witty talk and sparkling verse” reigned triumphant.

Maybe it’s about the simple things in life:

- Is it red for meat and white for fish?
- Is a varietal better than a blend?
- Are the whites to be chilled and the reds to be warm?

Or maybe it’s all about capturing the moment? As the great Persian philosopher and poet Omar Khayyam says, “Be happy in this moment. This moment is your life.” And what is a favourite wine? Is it an absolute, lack of knowledge or just a fear of disappointment?

To drink is to think – therefore I am!